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"Bountiful wildlife exists today
in 14% of protected land
in Zimbabwe.  Help us keep it that way.


This Wildlife Protection Project is being implemented in the Protected Areas System of Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley.  The Shona word “Tashinga” loosely translated, means “endeavour”.

The on-going socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe, coupled with a massive increase in poaching for ivory and rhino horn has presented critical challenges to maintaining conservation integrity and the continuity of wildlife protection efforts by the Rangers of the Parks Authority. The Tashinga Initiative, funded by donors globally,  addresses the needs in components such as Solar power for water pumping and energy provision, VHF Radio communications, support to intelligence gathering and informant networking,  Internet communications, Roads rehabilitation, Ranger Antipoaching Equipment, Ranger Antipoaching Training, provision of vehicles and boats, Ranger child education, and Food security.  These components promote the well being of the Ranger and his family, enhancing morale and work ethic, and in turn, providing for the appropriate levels of protection being afforded to Zimbabwe’s wildlife. 

The Tashinga Initiative works in partnership with UK Registered Charity, Conservation Zambezi ( as well as many local Zimbabwean NGO’s, stakeholders, and conservation partners.